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E-Cigarette consists of a rechargeable battery and a cartomizer or an atomizer and a replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavoring. When you inhale through the mouthpiece (cartridge), the microchip in the e-cigarette will detect the airflow and activate the atomizer which heats up the fluid in the cartridge and releases vapor. We also have manual batteries that can be activated by pressing the button on it. WARNING: The liquid that is vaporized by electronic cigarette is mainly composed of propylene glycol to produce vapor, a chemical that is used in many applications, from toothpaste to vitamins. However, some users may be allergic to propylene glycol. If you experience any rare allergic reactions such as a severely sore throat or difficulty breathing, please stop use it immediately and contact your doctor.
Vaping is simply the act of inhaling the vapor produced by an e-cigarette as an alternative to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.
There are many reasons to make the switch to vaping, here are just a few…
  • • For starters, vaping is a lot less expensive than smoking.
  • • Vapor does not contain the tar, carbon monoxide, or the thousands of other chemicals found in cigarette smoke.
  • • Vapor has no odor (some flavors have pleasant order) and most people around you do not find it offensive.
  • • Since vapor is water condensation, it quickly evaporates into the air without leaving any visible residue.
  • • Since there is no smoke there is no second hand smoke.
  • • You can vape just about anywhere and e-cigarettes are not part of most smoking bans.
  • • You have control over the amount of nicotine you get with each puff.
  • • Lots of E-liquid flavors so you will never get bored.
  • • Your hair, clothes, and breath will not stink.
  • • No lighter required.
It is important to note that most health organisitaions have not approved e-cigarettes as a method to quit smoking. However, many of our customers have found that they no longer feel the need to smoke cigarettes once they start vaping with the right e-cigarette and e-liquid at the proper nicotine level. You may also gradually decrease the level of nicotine in your e-liquid over time all the way down to zero.
There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding this topic. While legally we cannot tell you that vaping is safe, we can share the facts so you can decide if vaping is right for you. When you consider that traditional cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals, including hundreds of toxins… many of which are known to cause cancer. Then compare that to the handful of known safe ingredients in e-liquid, it is difficult for anyone to conclude that vaping is worse for you than smoking.
Not all e-cigarettes are created equal. There are so many choices and vendors out there it can make your head spin. You are bound to have a lot of questions and we can help.Order one of our starter kits and get everything you need to start vaping delivered right to your door.
Anyone who is 18 years (or whatever your local legal smoking age is) and older can purchase Electronic Cigarettes.
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