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Ever since I started Vaping in early 2011 I have been able to help countless numbers of friends and family young and old to give up their fatal nicotine addictions. For me this is the greatest motivation. From my early success on various online selling platforms and the support I have felt from fellow customers and the amount of positive feedback, I decided to take the plunge and dedicate my time to researching the best quality products at the best price and started Vaporizenation. Now we have converted hundreds of people in our time to completely stop smoking and want to grow this into thousands.

Our company was formed in early 2013 and we have taken our time to gain extensive knowledge to help you through the transition. We work along side the best innovators and suppliers within the industry to provide you with the best prices and products. It’s an exciting time for us with the launch of our new website.

Again we are grateful to provide a wonderful service and appreciate all the support and love we have received in this time. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with your enquiries or requirements and we will be more than happy to support you through your vaping experience.


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